The Hyperfly by Do or Die is a clean and minimalist bjj gi that has caught the eye of many bjj practioners. The company is fairly new in the bjj kimono game and also sells shirts, bags, grappling shorts and accessories. The Hyperfly gi comes in white/black, blue/black and black/blue contrast stitching. The gi up for review today on mybjjgi is the white with black.

Quality Control

The Hyperfly for the most part very well stitched. The most notable areas where stitching isn’t so straight is in the lapel. The Mojo gi I also own, has pretty poor stitching in this area and the Hyperfly by far exceeds in quality.  There are only a couple areas where the stitching might be questionable and that’s in the knees. But overall, I don’t think this will effect daily training and isn’t a major concern for me. See the pictures below.


Weave/Construction  (From Do or Die Website)

Jacket Features:

  • Lightweight 450g soft Hyperfly weave
  • One piece construction with no back seam
  • EVA foam collar
  • Contrasting black color stitching
  • Heavy reinforced seams
  • Tailored fit

Pant Features:

  • 12oz drill cotton with 4 way stretch crotch gusset
  • Stretch rope drawstring
  • 6 point loop system
  • Contrasting color stitching
  • Heavy reinforced seams
  • Tailored fit
  • Reinforced double layer knee padding


  • The 450g jacket has no back seam and incorporates the commonly used EVA foam in the collar. The reinforcements are very well placed and I don’t imagine any ripping or tearing. Unlike the pant cuff, the sleeve cuff had only a single straight stitch.


  • The 12oz drill cotton pants are pretty light and have all the bells and whistles of today’s gi pants. The stretchy rope draw string combined with the 6 point loop system allowed the pants to stay on during several training sessions. The 4 way stretch crotch gusset was not as stretchy as the material found in crotch area of grappling shorts but still provided good mobility.  Lastly the double layer knee padding and 4 stitch pant cuff are added for extra durability and strength.



As stated on Do or Die’s website, the Hyperfly has the tailored cut most new gi companies are producing. Considering myself as an “in betweener” and falling somewhere within an A2 or an A3, the Hyperfly’s fit/cut worked very well with my body type; 5’ 11” and 185lbs with fairly long arms. Compared to the A2 Mojo that fits me in length very well but very slim in the arms and legs, the Hyperfly isn’t to baggy or to slim.   

  • Jacket

Out of the bag the jacket fit comfortably around my body and arm length was a little bit long. I ended up shrinking the gi slightly and still managed to meet gi regulation at the last IBJJF tournament. 

  • Pants

The pants were also a little long when I first tried them on. But after a little shrinking they fit great. I did notice that the crotch area was not at all baggy like some of my other gi pants.



  • My only gripe with the gi has nothing to do with the gi itself but with the gi bag. It is made of nylon with a screen printed Hyperfly logo that was cracking when I pulled it out of the shipping bag. Definitely not a big deal for me, but hard not to notice when compared to Inverted Gear’s revamped gi bag.



If you’re looking for a clean and minimal bjj gi, Do or Die’s Hyperfly might be right up your alley.  The price point isn’t on the low end and also not on the high end. The tailored fit, 450gm jacket and 12oz drill cotton pants make this gi strong enough for daily training and light enough for competition.